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How can I request that my admissions application be rush processed or "pushed”?

Please contact 281-998-6150 and a Contact Center representative will send an email to the Enrollment Management Center to request your application be pushed.
Please note that application pushes are only done during peak registration (days away from the start of a semester)and the student making the request must already have test scores on file as well as no holds on their account preventing registration. While a request may be done to have your application processed faster, it is not guaranteed that your application will be pushed on the day of your request. Number of applications and student requests for pushes as well as when the application push is requested can effect the order in which your application is processed.
To ensure your admission application is processed before the start of a semester, applicants are encouraged to apply early and at a time which allows 24 to 48 hours for the applicatiion to be processed.

Enrollment Management Center