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How does the "six-drop" law work?

A new law provides that undergraduate students enrolling as first-time freshmen at a public institution of higher education in Texas in Fall 2007 or thereafter will be limited to a total of six dropped courses during their entire undergraduate career. We have Admissions Advisors and Educational Planners who are more than happy to help you with questions regarding the six-drop limit. We recommend that you see our Admissions Office, if first time enrolling at San Jacinto College. Or, please visit Educational Planning, Counseling, and Completion Office, if you are a returning student seeking six-drop assistance.


Texas public community colleges, technical institutes/colleges, health science institutions offering undergraduate course work, and universities must comply with the legislation of TEC 51.907.


Students who enroll as entering freshmen or first-time in college students in undergraduate courses offered through an affected institution of higher education for the first time during the Fall 2007 semester or any subsequent semester are subject to the course drop limit restrictions. Students who started college anywhere Fall 2007 or thereafter and then transfer to San Jacinto College are affected by the six-drop limit.


A course drop, which will be recorded on the transcript, is defined as an affected credit course not completed by an undergraduate student who: 1. Is enrolled in the course at the official census date*, and 2. Will receive a non-punitive grade of WL.

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