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I have registered the max amount of classes allowed by the online system for the semester. How can I get approved to take more classes?

A regular course load during a Fallor Spring term is 15 to 17 term hours or five courses, excluding physical education,
choir, or band. Only exceptionalstudents may, with the approval of the vice president of instruction, enroll for
additional term hours of credit. The maximum course load permitted during both Summer sessions is 14 term hours
or 7 term hours per Summer 5-week part of term. The maximum load in a three-week mini session is 3 term hours.
Working students should consider the number of term hours they take in relation to the number of hours they work per week. It is unrealistic for students employed full-time to enroll in college full-time. Students achieve full-time status when they enroll for 12 or more term hours in a full term or Summer session.
A useful guideline is that students should spend at least two hours studying for every hour they spend in the classroom. For example, a student taking 15 term hours assumes the responsibility for a minimum of 45 hours per week, 15 hours in class and 30 hours studying. The College reserves the right to limit the number of term hours that working students may attempt. The second digit of a course number indicates the credit hours associated with that course.

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