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If I am on Financial Aid suspension with another college does it transfer over if I transfer to San Jacinto College?

The government sets official standards of satisfactory academic progress (SAP) for you to receive financial aid. Failure to meet those standards may result in a financial aid suspension status when transferring from another college.

You are expected to pass a minimum of 75 percent of all hours attempted. This includes coursework attempted at San Jacinto College and coursework transferred from other institutions. The following grades are considered successfully completed: A, B, C, D. For repeated courses, only the course with the highest grade is used to calculate the pass rate; however, these courses will still be included in your total attempted hours.

You are expected to complete your educational objective within the first 90 hours attempted, whether you’ve changed majors or are pursuing multiple degrees or certificates. Grades of F, I, W, NG, and N, repeated, developmental and ESOL courses are counted in this total.

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