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If I choose to use the OneAccount is there a $.50 fee for debit purchase transactions?

When using MasterCard feature of San JacCard there are two ways to make purchases. Both draw money from your OneAccount. There is no fee charged for “swipe and sign” debit card transactions – available at 22 million locations worldwide. As with many banks, yes, you will be charged a $.50 transaction fee for PIN-based transactions. However, almost all merchants that offer PIN-based transactions also offer signature-based transactions. Many of our customers have never paid for a debit transaction. To make a non-PIN based transaction, choose or say “Credit” when asked at the register, then just sign the receipt. Do not enter a PIN. Your transaction will be covered by MasterCard’s Zero Liability Policy.
Higher One encourages students not to choose “Debit” when they have the option. Instead choose “Credit.”

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