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If I do not agree with Enrollment Management Services evaluation of my transcript/transcripts, who should I talk to?

1. If an institution of higher education does not accept course credit earned by a student at another institution of higher education, the receiving institution shall give written notice to the student and to the sending institution that transfer of the course credit is denied. A receiving institution shall also provide written notice of the reasons for denying credit for a particular course or set of courses at the request of the sending institution.

2. A student who receives notice, as specified above, may dispute the denial of credit by contacting a designated official at either the sending or receiving institution.

3. The two institutions and the student shall attempt to resolve the transfer of the course credit in accordance with Board rules and guidelines.

4. If the transfer dispute is not resolved to the satisfaction of the student or the sending institution within 45 days after the date the student received written notice of denial, the institution that denies the course credit for transfer shall notify the Commissioner of its denial and the reasons for the denial. Alternatively,the student may speak with the Department Head of the course subject in question to determine if the course qualifies for a course substitution.

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