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When do I use my G00#?

G#’s are used in multiple places around campus and online to identify you as a student:

Student Services: You may be asked for your G00# (also called your Student ID #) when you sign in for services in the Educational Planning, Counseling & Completion Center, Campus Financial Aid Office, Student Success Center and Admissions Office. A librarian may request your G00# when assisting you with library services. An instructor or department chair may ask you for your G00# if they are assisting you with a special registration approval. The campus bookstore will need you to provide your G00# to purchase books using your financial aid award. A Business Office staff member may ask you for your G00# to look up your account information, create an installment payment plan, or apply payments to your account.

Technology Resources and Student Support: You will use your G00# to logon to the computer network in the Open Computer Labs, access your student records and information in the Student Online System (SOS), and to login to Blackboard. Your student G00# is also requested when you call the San Jacinto College Contact Center at 281-998-6150.

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