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When is the last day that I can withdraw my class/classes?

For a complete listing of drop dates for each semester and refund periods, view:

Please note:

  • After the census date for each term is when any drops will be counted in the six-drop limit.
  • Remedial college prep classes cannot be dropped online. You must come in. If you are a first time San Jac student, please come on campus to visit with one of our Admissions Advisors at the Admissions Office. No appointment is necessary. If you have earned college credits previously at San Jac, please come on campus to visit with one of our Counselors in the Educational Planning, Counseling, & Completion Department. No appointment is necessary
  • If you have any Financial Aid/Scholarships paying for your classes, you will need to come in person to discuss dropping the course to make sure it does not affect your FAFSA or scholarship status with a Financial Aid Specialist before dropping the courses.
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