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Where can I purchase my textbooks?

We have bookstores on each of our campuses where you can get everything you need - textbooks, supplies, electronics, study guides, San Jac apparel and more. We've teamed up with Barnes & Noble so you can shop for your books online and even sell them back for cash (provided they are being used again) at the end of the semester:

Barnes & Noble offers many textbook options, new, used, rental, and ebooks. You can even reserve your books online and select which campus you'd like them sent to. If you rent textbooks, there's even an option to print a pre-paid shipping label and mail them back to your campus. We're here to make sure you get all the books and supplies you need for class!

To view the textbook requirements for your classes click the following link and input your schedule:

(281)-998-6150, www.