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Why have I been placed on Financial Aid suspension?

The Department of Education sets standards we must use to determine if you’re eligible to receive financial aid. SAP is defined by maintaining at least a 2.0 GPA on your San Jac classes, passing at least 75% of all classes attempted (including transfer work), and earning your degree or certificate within 90 attempted hours. If you have received an email about your Financial Aid Status, please read it carefully or you can log into SOS at any time to review your SAP status at

If you’re not in compliance regarding GPA or completion rate requirements by the end of a "warning" term, you will be placed on suspension and are no longer eligible to receive financial aid. Also, if you have attempted more than 90 hours (including transfer hours), you have exceeded the maximum time frame to earn a degree or certificate at San Jac and are no longer eligible to receive aid. Even if you are on suspension or max time frame, there are still options for you to regain eligibility through the appeal process. For specific information regarding suspension status, please visit your campus Financial Aid Office.

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