As I venture out onto our campuses and have the opportunity to meet and talk with our students, I see in their eyes the same hopes and dreams that filled mine as a young woman. I grew up in a blue-collar family in Hays, Kansas with dreams of a college education and a future. I am a first-generation college student and my family sacrificed so I could pursue my dreams. However, even with their sacrifices, I needed more financial assistance than they could provide alone. Luckily, several donors provided funding for scholarships that gave me the opportunity for an education and laid the foundation that I needed for a wonderful career. My path has led me here, to East Harris County where I serve a college and community that I love.

Just as my family and those scholarship donors provided a way for me to pursue my dreams, the San Jacinto College Foundation also provides funding for so many students in our community. Through the funds donated, students who may not have an option for college are given that hope…that option to pursue their dream.

I meet people in our community who dream of keeping our community vibrant and thriving; a place where we are all proud to live and work. The Foundation is committed to raising funds for scholarships to assist our students with their educational aspirations. The work of the Foundation also provides funding for programs so the College can implement student success strategies and enhance its educational offerings. Through these efforts to create an educated local workforce, we improve our community so the collective dreams we pursue can be realized.

I started my tenure with San Jacinto College as a Foundation Board member in 1996. Although my role with the College through the years has changed, I am still passionate about the work we are doing through the Foundation, and its profound effect on the lives of our students and our community. The generous and giving spirit of the friends of San Jacinto College and the community continues to impact lives.

Thank you for making a difference in the lives of so many people.

Dr. Brenda Hellyer

San Jacinto College Chancellor

  2006 - 2007 2007 - 2008 2008 - 2009 July 2009 - April 2010


Total Number Awarded 488 1387 1680 1351
Foundation Awarded 456 662 733 590
In/Out Awarded 32 725 947 761
Total Dollar Amount $376,094 $951,039 $1,078,521 $849,406
Average Awarded $770 $685 $641 $629
New Non-Endowed Added        


Total Number Endowed Scholarships 45 49 51 54
Endowment Value $1,660,985 $1,859,672 $2,159,245 $2,385,057
Investments in Cash/Called Bond $211,483 $2,922,474 $1,921,524 $2,249,817
Total Investments (Fair Market Value) $3,772,468 $4,782,146 $4,080,769 $4,634,874


Monopoly Gross $93,147 $90,119 $78,755  
Expenses $30,894 29,054 $33,707  
Monopoly Net $62,253 $61,065 $45,048 $0
Golf Gross $213,951 $194,343 $112,597 $144,790
Expenses $86,104 $78,937 $57,661 $43,854
Golf Net $127,847 $115,406 $54,936 $100,936
Fashion Show Gross $22,573 $24,875 $41,679 $4,750
Expense $8,456 $8,364 $22,157 $198
Fashion Net $14,117 $16,511 $19,522 $4,552
Gumbo Gala Gross     $3,500 $46,204
Expenses     $100 $11,858
Gumbo Net     $3,400 $34,346

Innovative Initiatives

Number Awarded 23 33 27 31
Amount Awarded $73,585 $110,336 $70,077 $103,254

Monopoly - Return of duplicate payment from FY 08-09

Spring 2012

Spring 2012:      Scholarships awarded: 272

Fall 2011:          Scholarships awarded: 383

A total of 655 students received scholarships this academic year for a total of $310,715 with an average award of $418.


Distribution of Resources

All of the Foundation's administrative costs are paid for out of College funds which means that your donation goes directly to whatever funding priority you choose.

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