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Procedure 4-1-a-7: Screening Applicants on PeopleAdmin (SOAR)

To begin the screening process, LOG ON to the system at A "Hiring Manager" Manual is available to assist in the screening process. To access this manual, click on the manual icon at the top of screen.

Choose the appropriate position from the list of active positions.

  • View the individual applicants and application. At this time you may print the application or
  • Close application and come back at a later time

Changing the Status of Applicants

While in the Active Applicants display screen, you may change the status of applicants as the applications are reviewed.

To change the status of an applicant, click the "Change Status" link under the Status column in the row corresponding to the applicant.

Under the "Status" column there is a drop down menu of the choices an applicant could be changed to. Select the new status for each applicant, and then click the Continue to Confirm Page button.
The status choices are:

  • Did not meet preferred qualifications (state reasons)
  • Interview Pending
  • Interviewed
  • Finalist (may be used as a second interview category)
  • Not Hired Reason:
    • salary
    • references
    • other applicant selected
    • other (please specify)
  • Application Withdrawn Reason
    • declined interview
    • unable to contact
    • accepted another position
  • Not selected for Interview (used to narrow a large field of applicants - please specify reason)
  • Hired

After clicking the Continue to Confirm Page button, a confirmation page will appear. Select the Save Status Changes button to complete the action. Select the Cancel button to return to the previous screen to edit your changes.

The "Hiring Manager" may change an applicant';s status several times during the screening process.

At the end of the interview process and a decision has been made on which applicant to hire, Human Resources must be notified to make the official job offer. Please note: You have not completed the hiring process in PeopleAdmin (SOAR).

Once the successful candidate has accepted the offer officially, the other applicants (those interviewed and not hired) must be marked as "Not Hired" status. At that point, Human Resources will notify those applicants that were not hired.

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Screening Applicants on PeopleAdmin (SOAR)



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