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Higher One/San Jac Card

The San Jac Card

Applying for financial aid? You’ll need the San Jac Card.

Not receiving financial aid? Yep ... even you will need to have this card!

San Jacinto College students will receive a San Jac Card in a bright green envelope in the mail during their first semester of enrollment, whether they are scheduled to receive financial aid or not. It is important that you activate your San Jac Card immediately upon arrival, via the Web site listed on the back of the card, and keep it throughout your entire duration with the College for future financial aid disbursements or credit refunds due to changes in enrollments.

If you did not receive the card or have lost the card you can request a new card at any campus Business Office with a photo ID. Please be aware there is a $21 fee for a card that has been activated and it can be reordered by visiting

Better yet, once you graduate, you can continue using the San Jac Card, showing everyone that you’re a proud San Jac alumnus! For more information, please visit


Frequently Asked Questions

Go to and enter the required information to see the status of your card and the address to which it was mailed.

Go to and enter the required information to see the status of your card and the address to which it was mailed. If you did not receive the card or have lost the card you can request a new card by visiting any campus Business Office.

Go to and login with your e-mail address and the password you setup. Once logged in, click on Profile then Refund Preferences. There you will see Complete a New ACH Form.

Go to and click on the link that says Trouble logging in? Reset your password.

Go to and login with your e-mail address and the password you setup. Once logged in click on Financial Refunds then Refund Status and History.

Yes. You can change your refund preference at any time by going to and logging in with your e-mail address and the password you setup. Once logged in, click on Financial Refunds then Refund Preference.

Go to and login with your e-mail address and password you setup. Once logged in click on Profile then Notifications.

Call Higher One customer service at 1-877-334-1002.

No. You only have to open a OneAccount if you wish to have your refund on your San Jac Card.

Go to and login with your e-mail address and the password you setup. Once logged in click on Profile then Address and Phone. You should also update your address with the College by sending in a change of address form located at

Your OneAccount is indeed free. If you do 'normal' things with your account, depositing money, spending money with your card (use as credit rather than debit to prevent fees) withdrawing money at the Higher One ATMs, checking your statements, etc, there are no fees, charges, nothing.

There are three classes of actions that may result in a charge:

1. Optional services: Ordering checks, for instance, costs money. Official checks, paper statements, the use of non-Higher One ATMs, these all result in small fees.

2. Penalties: Certain actions should never be taken by any accountholder, at any bank, anytime. Bouncing checks, overdrawing the account, etc. Basically, trying to spend money you don't have will result in a penalty. Most of these things are also not legal - writing a check knowing that it will bounce, for example, is considered fraud.
3. Inactivity fee: If you don't do anything with the account for 9 months, you will be charged the inactivity fee. This is designed to prevent the overhead from maintaining a 'dead' account - most of which will have balances under a dollar - from becoming overwhelming. If you want to avoid this fee, simply withdraw a little money at an ATM, or make a purchase, using your card every few months.

A complete fee schedule is posted at

Through the San Jac Card program, students have more options for how they receive refunds, and they will receive their money faster. It is easy to track your refund payments and preference online.

For many years, students have complained about waiting for their refund checks to arrive via the mail. The new service will provide students with two options for how they receive refunds. Students may choose to open a free checking account and activate the debit card or to authorize a direct deposit to another banking institution.

The Higher One program was chosen after checking references with other institutions. This program has been very successful for other universities, students and parents. In short, Higher One is a reputable vendor with a proven track record to provide refund choices to SJC students.

YES! The card that was mailed to you is your key for entry into the Higher One system and allows you to choose how you want your refunds delivered. Information is contained in the system to authenticate you as a user.You will have several refund options to choose from such as direct deposit to your personal account, using the OneAccount, etc.

YES! You need to activate and communicate your refund delivery choice regardless of whether you anticipate receiving a refund. Refunds primarily occur when your financial aid or changes in enrollment exceeds your charges for tuition and fees. However, there are many other reasons when your account with Higher One may result in a refund. It is in your best interest to specify your refund choice now in the event that a refund might be due to you in the future. You have the option to change your refund choice at a later date.

YES!  We recommend that you retain the card for future reference or use in a secure place.  If you forget your password, you will need the number and security code from the card to reset your logon. In addition, if at any time in the future, you change your mind and decide to open the OneAccount, you will need the San Jac Card to access the funds on that account.

YES! The Web site offers options. Students are free to choose the free checking account option, direct deposit option, etc. Each preference is easy to choose and confirmed to make sure there is no mistake.

There is online help at or call 1-877-334-1002 for San Jac Card customer service. In addition, personnel from the Campus Business Offices are trained to help students through this process.

There is no charge to a student to receive their refund, no matter which option they choose. If the student chooses the OneAccount banking choice, the bank account is offered at no charge for standard banking services. There is no fee to withdraw funds from your Higher One account using a Higher One ATM.

If the student uses other services, such as wire transfers, there are fees that are comparable with other banks. Higher One’s fees are competitive with other banks, and the company provides education materials to teach students how to use the account for free. Please read the fee schedule for these services at


When using MasterCard feature of San Jac Card there are two ways to make purchases. Both draw money from your OneAccount. There is no fee charged for “swipe and sign” debit card transactions – available at 22 million locations worldwide. As with many banks, yes, you will be charged a $.50 transaction fee for PIN-based transactions. However, almost all merchants that offer PIN-based transactions also offer signature-based transactions. Many of our customers have never paid for a debit transaction. To make a non-PIN based transaction, choose or say “Credit” when asked at the register, then just sign the receipt. Do not enter a PIN. Your transaction will be covered by MasterCard’s Zero Liability Policy.

Higher One encourages students not to choose “Debit” when they have the option. Instead choose “Credit.”

YES! Higher One’s OneAccount works like any other checking account. If you do not carefully track your spending, you could authorize a transaction (such as writing a bad check) that would overdraft your account. Higher One encourages responsible money management and provides materials to help educate students about how to control their finances.

For your own security, as soon as you realize that you do not have physical control of your card, it is essential that you report the card lost. This may be done several ways. You may go online to visit any Campus Business Office or call customer service at 1-877-334-1002. Reporting your card lost allows Higher One to cancel the card and prevent fraud, theft, and abuse. At the same time, you will be issued a replacement card that you should receive within a week by mail. You will be charged a $21 fee for any replacement card.

YES! Higher One’s customer service call center and online service features enable students to quickly get help when it’s needed. Higher One has set up the 1-877-334-1002 customer service number solely for San Jac Card customer service.

NO! The College has no plans to use the San Jac Card as its ID card.

There will be one additional Higher One ATMs on each campus by April 2010. The ATMs currently on each campus will continue to be available.

All banking transactions are covered by the FDIC through the banking partnership that Higher One has in place. Higher One handles all customer service, transaction processing, and operations. The company has handled more than $1 billion dollars in refund payments and more than 125,000 students actively use the services of the OneAccount.

NO! Information was not sold to Higher One. Higher One is a partner of SJC and is contractually responsible to comply with strict security and privacy regulations. Minimum information, which was needed to produce the card, was used. A student ID number, student name, student address and date of birth, gender and e-mail address were provided to authenticate each cardholder for security reasons and to provide a vehicle to notify students about the card.

Yes it is legal. SJC provided information to Higher One under contract to provide services to SJC students. As noted above, Higher One is contractually responsible to comply with strict security and privacy regulations.

NO! This service is in compliance with the College’s privacy rules. SJC provided information to this vendor under contract in order to provide services to our students. As stated above, Higher One is contractually responsible to comply with strict security and privacy regulations. This is in compliance with FERPA regulations.

Absolutely not! Higher One is solely focused on higher education and contractually cannot share or sell student information.

Call the number on the Higher One ATM or on the back of your San Jac Card to report and problems. Also, please report the problem to the Campus Business Office.

The Higher One ATMs have a daily withdrawal limit of $500.00. The Higher One ATMs will disburse funds in denominations of tens and fifty dollar bills.

Your San Jac Card can be used anywhere that a MasterCard Debit card is accepted.

You can have personal checks printed either through Higher One ($8 for fifty checks) or other check providers, which will enable you to write checks against your Higher One account.