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The Manufacturing Game


The Manufacturing Game® Workshop is a table-top simulation that cultivates these organizational characteristics:

  • increase reliability through defect elimination
  • Minimize cross functional work
  • Increase business performance

This hands-on experience will teach participants the importance of cross-communication between departments and how to strategize and solve everyday problems that arise in today’s complex business environments.

Results include operating improvements within 90 days and financial impact within one year: reduced operating costs, increased throughput and increased process reliability.

An investment of two days attending this workshop will create a lasting reliability culture through Systems Thinking, Cross Functional Behavior and Defect Intolerance by:

  • training front-line workers and their managers to better understand the journey from one stable domain to another
  • forcing participants to assume a different role from the one they perform daily
  • highlighting collaborative and interdependent relationships
  • developing improvement activities participants can do on the job.

The workshop allows participants to see the whole system at one time. Because the simulation collapses time, participants experience how the actions of one area impact the functions of another in the course of just two days instead of years.

This is the perfect opportunity to see how bringing the workshop into your company can reinforce and improve your reliability initiatives.




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