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Students, don't forget to activate your SanJac Card!

San Jac Card

If you are new to San Jacinto College, you will be issued a SanJac Card within the next couple of weeks to your home or P.O. Box address on record. Please note that the card will be mailed in a  bright green envelope, as shown below. Students already enrolled in previous terms at San Jacinto College should already have a SanJac Card. Please do not throw the card away, as there will be a replacement fee should you need it for financial aid disbursements and credit refunds in the future.
You will need to follow the instructions to activate the card:
1. If you have not previously activated your SanJac Card, and do not have it, please visit any campus business office to request a new card.

2. If you have activated your card, and it is lost or stolen, you will need to log onto to request a new one. There is a $21 replacement card fee that is deducted from any balance on the card. If there is no balance on the card, you can immediately pay the $21 when they order the new card. You have the option when requesting the replacement card through Higher One to select pay now or pay later as the payment is directly through Higher One - not the campus business office.

3. If you are just now enrolling in the later Parts of Term for the 14-week or 12-week classes, you will be sent cards at a later date. New student registrations are uploaded to Higher One on a weekly basis throughout the term.  Please be sure that your address information is up to date.

For those not receiving financial aid, we encourage you to hold on to your SanJac Card in case you receive financial aid in the future or have any type of refund due throughout your time at San Jacinto College.
To learn more about the SanJac Card, please visit For questions regarding Higher One, please visit