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The STEM Council

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The STEM Council at San Jacinto College strives to increase awareness of education and career opportunities related to the fields of science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM). The Council sponsors STEM activities throughout the College and the region, as Houston ranks among the top ten cities for STEM careers. The Council works with community members to promote the STEM fields, while forging strong partnerships with universities and industries for further education and workforce training.

We're 'STEM Friendly!'

Did you know? Houston ranks 26th out of 100 metro areas in the U.S. for STEM professionals, and we're "friendly"- ranking 23rd out of 100 cities for being a "STEM Friendly Environment."
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San Jacinto College Robotics on HTV!

Check out this video, produced by HTV Houston Television, that features footage of San Jacinto College hosting FTC Robotics! Recently, Houston hosted the FIRST Robotics World Championship at George R. Brown. Some of the teams received their chances to compete on the world level by first placing in a qualifer held earlier in the year at San Jacinto College. Enjoy!

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Power of World Series math: How Astros analytics led to data-driven strategy

Though not as visually appealing as one of George Springer’s home runs, math played a consistent role in the Astros’ journey to the top.

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Undergraduate research on display Nov. 2 at San Jacinto College

Undergraduate research will be on full display on Nov. 2 at San Jacinto College as three students present their findings and share experiences from their 10-week internships with the Rice University Institute of Biosciences and Bioengineering Summer Undergraduate Research Program.

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Center for Petrochemical, Energy, and Technology positioned as training hub for ‘Energy Capital of the United States’

What turned out to be the largest groundbreaking held at San Jacinto College also introduced construction of the largest petrochemical training facility in Texas.

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