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Policy VI-D: Policy on Professional Growth and Development

College instruction is recognized as a profession. Faculty members are expected to accept responsibilities in practicing, developing and promoting high standards of moral, ethical and professional conduct. The image of any faculty member at all times should be such that any student striving to emulate same should be assured of being a good, stable citizen.

The college district expects faculty to accept the obligation of continuing their professional development in their areas of expertise, especially in those areas directly related to their teaching assignments. This growth may take the form of participation in professional organizations; publication of books, articles, monographs, or original compositions; exhibition of original art works; or participation in recitals or performances. At the same time, the college requires that the first responsibility of all faculty is the instruction of students enrolled in classes at San Jacinto College. Consequently, responsibilities in curriculum planning, syllabus revision, departmental planning, lesson preparation, paper-grading, classroom teaching, sponsoring student activities and counseling with students will take priority over all professional-development activities.

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Policy Name:

 Policy on Professional Growth and Development



Adopted Date:

 March 2, 1989

Revision/Reviewed Date:

 May 2, 1994

Effective Date:

 March 2, 1989

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