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March 1981

This manual has been prepared to assist and guide each employee of San Jacinto College District in the performance of his or her daily job function. Its objective is to help all college personnel understand the goals and responsibilities of this institution and to provide guidelines by which individuals can make the greatest contributions to their specifically assigned duties and responsibilities.

Because of the many efforts and hard work of our personnel and the continuing support of our constituency, San Jacinto College District has achieved much success. Our institution has progressed to a multi-campus system, and it is imperative that there be consistency in the daily operation of the district. To attain this consistency, each individual must read, and adhere to, the policies and procedures outlined in this manual. This will ensure that similar situations or questions encountered throughout the district are handled in a uniform manner.

The manual is organized to help employees find information quickly and easily. Where interpretations of policies are needed to give more detailed information concerning the policy, those interpretations are clearly noted.

It is the hope of the Board of Trustees that this Policy Manual will establish a district-wide atmosphere conducive to the development and maintenance of the highest level of service possible to our community and each other.

Board of Trustees San Jacinto College District