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Procedure 2-2: Counseling and Testing Centers

Each campus has a professional counseling staff to assist students inselecting courses, following TASP procedures, and in developing careergoals. The Central and South Campus Counseling Centers offer a battery of career and interest/aptitude tests that help students assess their basic skills and assist in their career decision-making. All three campuses administer the GED and ASSET tests, and all three campuses administer the TASP test on the annually scheduled test dates. The test centers also provide information and referral for students and community residents regarding registration for the ACT, CLEP, GMAT, GRE, SAT and TOEFL examination. Information regarding testing procedures and schedules is available from the campus counseling or testing centers.

The counseling centers for each campus offer a variety of workshops and help-sessions for students to assist them in understanding time-management, study habits, child care, career-planning, and other coping skills. Career resource centers on the Central and South Campuses provide a wide assortment of career and personal development books, videos and periodicals.

Counseling and Testing Center Telephone Numbers
Campus Center Testing Center Counseling Center
North 281-459-7147 281-459-7117
Central 281-476-1825 281-476-1813
South 281-922-3445 281-922-3408


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 Counseling and Testing Centers



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