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Procedure 3-1: Conflict of Interest/Outside Employment

Full-time employment by the San Jacinto College District involves the commitment of the individual's time, energy and primary loyalty to the college. Consulting, professional activities, or other outside employment must not impair the individual's ability to fulfill his/her duties at the college

Outside employment of any full-time or adjunct employee must not involve conflict with the individual's obligation to the San Jacinto College District or with the objectives of the college. Employees must avoid conflict of interest in all instances of outside employment and consulting.

A full-time or adjunct teaching faculty member of the San Jacinto College District shall not accept a student as a client during a semester in which the student is enrolled in his/her class. The Vice Chancellor of Instructional Programs/Services may grant an exception in writing for a compelling reason. This written exception must remain on file in the Human Resources Office.

Employees shall not advertise their services while instructing students or while performing other duties as an employee.

Employees will use resources of the San Jacinto College District to support the educational objectives of the college. An employee will not use facilities, secretarial assistance, office supplies and equipment, and other college resources for personal gain: such use of college district resources for personal gain is a violation of college and state law.

San Jacinto College District recognizes that certain scholarly activities, such as the writing of articles and books, can be beneficial to the individual and to the college. San Jacinto College District encourages such professional activities; these activities, however, are in addition to the employee's full-time effort expected by the college and are not to be accomplished by abusing college-paid secretarial assistance.

An employee shall not accept or solicit any gift, favor, service or other benefit that could reasonably be construed by others to influence the employee's discharge of assigned duties and responsibilities.

An employee shall not have a personal financial interest, a business interest or any other obligation that in any way creates a substantial conflict with the proper discharge of assigned duties and responsibilities or that creates a conflict with the best interest of the college.

An employee who believes he/she has or may have a conflict of interest shall disclose the interest to the Vice Chancellor of Instructional Programs or designee, who shall take whatever action is necessary, if any, to ensure that the college's best interests are protected.


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 Conflict of Interest/Outside Employment



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