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Procedure 3-17-a: Unscheduled School Closures

Release time for employees is not charged against an employees leave time. All full-time employees will be placed on approved emergency leave, including employees who would otherwise have been on approved paid leave. The following are not entitled to compensation under this policy and shall remain in their current status: Employees:

  • On leave without pay;
  • In receipt of workers’ compensation;
  • On military leave;
  • On suspension without pay; or
  • On Development Leave

Employees on approved leave from work during the unscheduled closure for Vacation, Sick Leave, Family Medical Leave, leave under the Americans with Disabilities Act, Personal Business or using Comp Time, will not have that leave time charged against their balance.

(Re: Policy V-L Policies on College Emergencies/Natural Disasters/Business Continuity)


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 Unscheduled School Closures



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