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Procedure 4-1-a: Screening Committee


A screening committee is an appointed group of individuals whose purpose is to:

  • Review application materials for a particular administrative or faculty position
  • Select qualified candidates for preliminary and campus interviews
  • Identify the top two to three candidates for potential employment
  • Complete required documentation of the screening and interview process

SPECIAL CIRCUMSTANCES – Multiple-campus hiring

In the case that more than one campus is hiring for the same position, faculty from those campuses must cooperate to create a preliminary screening committee consisting of members from the different campuses. This will ensure that there is agreement as to the qualified candidates. In order for all committee members to be able to screen applicants in the Applicant Tracking System (ATS), the preliminary screening committee will need to designate a hiring manager, who will in turn designate guest users (other members of the search committee). This will allow all members of the search committee access to the applications and attached documents. Only the Hiring Manager can designate/change status of the applicants in the ATS. Once the preliminary screening is completed, further screening, interviewing and hiring can be completed on the individual campuses as described below.

This procedure will only be necessary for positions with multiple campus designations. The Provosts will be responsible for facilitating this process.


For faculty searches, members within the discipline will meet and determine a chair and four to six diverse members with an academic background and/or expertise pertinent to the teaching field. This committee will be recommended to the appropriate dean, who will either accept the faculty recommendation or submit revisions to the appropriate vice president for consideration and for the final decision regarding faculty screening committee membership. For administrative searches, screening committees are appointed by the appropriate president and should also represent a diverse group of individuals with academic backgrounds and/or expertise pertinent to the administrative area.

The screening committee chair should be an individual who:

  • is regarded highly within the college
  • demonstrates a consistent commitment to the district’s core values
  • is skilled at conducting meetings

Screening committee members should not be related to or be engaged in business ventures with persons who may apply for the vacant position. A committee member who has a relationship with a candidate, thus creating or giving the appearance of a conflict of interest should not be a member of the screening committee. It is incumbent upon a screening committee member to disclose when such a conflict arises. Upon having knowledge of any potential conflict of interest, the committee chair should discuss the matter with the appropriate administrator.

Additionally, an individual who accepts appointment to a screening committee cannot become a candidate for the posted position.


The screening committee chair provides leadership to the members and ensures that the appropriate college procedures, as well as state and federal laws, are followed.

The chair meets with the district Human Resource office prior to the first screening committee meeting to review the position description and recruitment process and to discuss the screening committee guidelines and required forms. The chair keeps the appropriate dean, vice president and the Human Resource office apprised of the selection process status.

The chair is the designated “Hiring Manager” in the ATS, the software that allows applicants to apply online and attach transcripts, resumes and other documents. The chair may designate other members of the screening committee as “Guest Users” with the ability to review applications and make decisions about a pool of applicants, but only the chair will be authorized to make changes or record events in the ATS.

The chair schedules meetings, designates a secretary to keep minutes, and provides a roster for recording screening committee attendance at each meeting.

The chair, with assistance from the committee members, documents reasons for non-selection of applicants to continue to the interview process.

The chair, with assistance from the committee members, establishes job-related questions to be asked at the preliminary interview. (Preliminary interviews are not always necessary.) These questions are submitted to Human Resources, in advance, for review and approval.

If preliminary interviews are to be conducted, the chair or his/her designee schedules preliminary interviews with local applicants and contacts Human Resources for further information in reference to scheduling preliminary interviews for those candidates who are not local.

Telephone interviews may be used and are highly effective for large pools as a second level screening tool. This is particularly useful for pools with a large contingency of non-local applicants. If telephone interviews are used, they should be used for all or none.

The chair notifies Human Resources at the conclusion of the preliminary interviews (if conducted), and provides a list of candidates to be scheduled for finalist interviews.

For teaching positions, the chair, with assistance from the screening committee members, determines a teaching topic to be presented by the finalist.

The chair collects and returns all applicable forms to Human Resources, including the Interview Response forms from the preliminary and finalist interviews.

The chair presents screening committee recommendations to the appropriate dean/provost/vice chancellor.

The chair, with assistance from the committee members, completes required documentation of the screening and interview process.


Members attend meetings scheduled by the screening committee chair.

Members review application materials of all qualified applicants and assist the screening committee chair in completing all required documentation of the screening and interview process.

Members assist the screening committee chair in preparing questions for preliminary and final interviews and in determining the teaching topic to be presented by the applicants at the time of interview.

Members participate in the interviews of all selected candidates and complete and submit to the chair an Interview Response Form for each candidate interviewed providing their impression of the interview.

Members participate in a meeting at the conclusion of the interview process to formulate a recommendation of the top two to three candidates to be submitted to the appropriate dean/provost/vice chancellor.

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