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Procedure 4-21: Bilingual Stipends

These procedures apply to full-time non-teaching employees and faculty not teaching ESOL. The guidelines also apply to any and all languages deemed necessary by the location, other than English, including sign language.

Upon recommendation of a President or Vice-Chancellor, employees proficient in a language other than English may receive a bilingual stipend in the amount of $50.00 per month.

Being bilingual may have been a requirement of employment in a particular position, or for some incumbents, a position requirement that evolved over time. A new employee is eligible for a bilingual stipend when the requirement is included in the job posting. For a bilingual employee employed without a bilingual requirement and not receiving a stipend, it is the responsibility of the immediate supervisor to review the job duties and frequency of contacts requiring bilingual skills, identifying the benefits expected to be gained by the department in using such skills, and any other relevant factors. Once the supervisor determines that use of the language is job related and is a significant factor in the performance of the employee's job, a recommendation may be made to the appropriate president or vice chancellor for the employee to receive the bilingual stipend.

The appropriate form for the recommendation of a stipend is the Personnel Action Request (PAR) form. Human Resources may require the supervisor to document the employee's speaking ability. Four criteria that a supervisor should consider when evaluating the necessity for an employee to receive this stipend include: the tasks of functions performed with the language, the context and content area in which the language can be used, and the accuracy of performance and oral delivery. Written testing may be required if a job-related need is identified.

Provided all requirements are met, Human Resources will be responsible for notifying the employee and first level supervisor and ensuring the necessary payroll adjustments are made. Bilingual stipends will be effective the first of the next calendar month following the receipt of the PAR form.

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