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Procedure 5-21: Faculty Formula and Summer Pay

Formula for summer and mini pay is set at 165% of the prevailing adjunct rate. No more than six (6) courses may be taught outside of the faculty member's contract at the formula rate during the fiscal year. Terms "outside of the contract" for nine month faculty is winter mini, spring mini and both summer semesters. Terms "outside of the contract" for 10.5 month faculty are the winter mini, spring mini and one semester in the summer. Outside of the contract for 12 month faculty working 35 hours per week are the winter and spring minis only. There are no "outside the contract" terms for 12 month faculty working a 40 hour work week.

For course load consideration beginning spring mini and summer, 2008, classes taught during the winter mini of 07-08 count toward the six (6) courses per year total.

A course is counted as a course without respect to credit hours. I.e. PE, Art, Automotive and Physics courses count as one course whether credit hours are 2, 3, 4 or 5.

The college will continue the precedent of assigning eligible faculty a maximum of one class in each of the mini semesters, two the first six weeks and two the second six weeks. These will be eligible for the new formula rate of 165% of the current adjunct rate.

Faculty should not be called in to perform non-teaching duties while receiving formula pay except in the most exceptional of circumstances. Only the Deputy Chancellor & President or designee, may approve a faculty member to receive non-teaching pay and formula pay during the same semester or part of term.  The approval must be granted in writing.  Hours worked by a faculty member for non-teaching duties shall be accounted for and paid by the hour. The rate of pay is the overload lab rate in effect at the time. The actual hours shall be submitted on the monthly payroll with the payroll coversheet for the department. Salaries paid faculty performing non-teaching duties will comply with the college pay cycles, i.e., June payment includes only wages earned until the June payroll deadline.

Substitute pay will be paid at the substitute (adjunct rate) as approved by the board. 

Full-time Temporary faculty are not eligible for formula pay.

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Procedure Name:  Faculty Formula and Summer Pay
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Revision/Reviewed Date:  May 20, 2014
Effective Date:  May 29, 2014
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