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Procedure 5-22: Full-time Faculty Substitution Pay

Full-time faculty members will be paid for substituting for an absent faculty member at the appropriate hourly lecture or lab rate. According to policy IV-C-10, Faculty are expected to develop and post a schedule of office hours that meets the needs of their students. Each full-time faculty member must submit a daily schedule of class meeting times, preparation hours, and conference hours to his/her department chair. Each full-time faculty member holding a nine, ten and one-half, or twelve-month contract will schedule a minimum of 35 hours per week. Faculty employed under a twelve-month/40 hour per week contract will schedule a minimum of 40 hours per week. If the substitution occurs during the full-time faculty member's regular, posted schedule, additional hours equal to the time paid for substituting must be added to the schedule and documented. This documentation must be kept on file by the appropriate supervising dean.

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 Full-time Faculty Substitution Pay



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