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Procedure 6-2-b: Beginning of Class Information

The course syllabus is the controlling document for faculty who teach a particular course. In much the same way, an instructor's beginning-of-course information handouts describe section of the course for the students.

Instructors prepare handouts for each course they teach and distribute and explain them to all students during the first or second class day of the semester. Whether the handout is developed by an individual instructor or the departmental faculty, it includes the following:

  • Course number and title
  • Instructor's name, office number, conference hours, and office phone number
  • Course description from syllabus/curriculum guide
  • Student learning outcomes as defined in the syllabus/ curriculum guide
  • Official withdrawal date for that semester
  • Instructor's policies on absences, withdrawals, and make-up work (These policies must be consistent with those stated in the college catalog.)
  • Tentative calendar for major assignments and tests
  • Grading formula
  • Required and recommended textbooks and supplies

Obviously, the instructor may add other information that either the instructor or the department or division wish to be included. At least one copy of each beginning-of-class handout is filed with the dean.

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 Beginning of Class Information



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