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Procedure 6-3-b: Student Initiated Withdrawal

At any time before the withdrawal deadline, as defined in the official college calendar for that semester, a student may elect to withdraw officially from a class. Until the twelfth class day, this is completely handled by the Registrar's Office. The student's name is not printed on the official class roll, and the instructor receives no further notification. After the twelfth class day, the process is as follows:

The student goes to the Registrar's Office to obtain and complete a Withdrawal Request form. If the course being dropped is a remedial class, the student is sent to the Counseling Office to have his or her TSI status reviewed; if the TSI guidelines allow the withdrawal, the counselors make appropriate notations on the form, and the student continues with the process. Instructors are informed of withdrawal routinely by the Registrar's Office.

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 Student Initiated Withdrawal



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