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Procedure 6-3-d: Student Absences for Religious Holidays

In accordance with Senate Bill 738, a student who is absent from class for the observance of a religious holiday will be allowed to take an examination or complete an assignment scheduled for that day within a reasonable time after the absence, provided that

  1. no later than the fifteenth day after the first day of the semester, the student has notified each instructor concerning the date he or she will be absent for the religious holiday, and
  2. written notification of the intended absence is delivered personally to each instructor. The notification must be signed and dated by the instructor, who should keep a copy of the notification, returning the original to the student.

A student who is excused under Senate Bill 738 will not be penalized for the absence, but may be penalized for failure to complete the assignment or examination satisfactorily.

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 Student Adsences for Religious Holidays



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