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Procedure 6-3-a: Excessive Absence

The College Catalog of Courses offers the following information about student attendance:

Failure, Excessive Absences (FX)

A faculty member may award a grade of FX at the end of the term to any student. This grade means that the student registered and paid for the course and failed the course because the student missed an excessive number of classes and did not exercise the right to drop the course or was not eligible to drop the course because of TSI or Six-Drop rule regulations. For each grade of FX submitted, the last date the student attended the course must be reported. Grades of FX will not be posted without this date. The grade of FX carries the same academic impact as the grade of F in that the credit hours are included in the calculation of the grade point average and the grade awards zero (0) grade points. The grade of FX indicates a completed course just as a grade of F indicates a completed course. The grade of FX is not a drop or withdrawal. The process to appeal the grade of FX is the same as an appeal for any other faculty awarded grade.

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 Excessive Absence



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