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Procedure 6-3: Student Attendance

Students are required to attend all lecture and laboratory periods. Through regular class attendance, students receive benefits beyond the acquisition of information: they gain insight into issues, gain increased understanding of complex topics, frequently experience a change of attitude, and receive other similar benefits. These benefits cannot always be measured or graded because of the limitations of the examination process or the grading system, but they are nevertheless at the very heart of the educational process. For this reason, regular class attendance is deemed an important requirement of success in every class at the college.

Thus, the college does not condone "cuts" on the part of students, nor does it allow instructors to give "walks" or dismiss classes early. Instructors pace instruction to regular class attendance, not allowing the pace of the class to be slowed by students who do not attend regularly.

The instructor keeps an accurate record of each student's attendance. Students who miss class for approved college activities are given the opportunity to do required classwork without penalty. Each instructor makes his or her other policies about missed work and excessive absences clear in the beginning-of-class handouts.

Certain departments or programs may be governed by accreditation or certification standards that require more stringent attendance policies. Instructors are made aware of the special attendance requirements by the department chairman or the dean.

  • Excessive Absence
  • Student Initiated Withdrawal
  • Administrative Withdrawal for TSI
  • Student Absences for Religious Holidays
  • Military Service
  • Shift Workers

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