Degrees & Certificates

Degrees & Certificates

Degrees & Certificates

We Have More Than 185 Degrees & Certificates to Help You Find Your Path

At San Jacinto College our mission is to ensure you succeed by creating seamless transitions to enrich the quality of your life. Our aim is to empower you to achieve your goals, redefine your expectations, and encourage your exploration of new opportunities.

With our seven areas of study, you are encouraged to not only equip yourself with the training and tools needed to succeed in a career, but to find your place in the world and pursue the life you've always dreamed.


At San Jacinto College we’re in the business of success, your success. Through our Business program, we offer a variety of courses and study paths for students with their sights set on careers in fields such as finance, accounting and management.


A world of possibility awaits when you choose a technical education. The technically trained workforce employs a large portion of today’s population and San Jacinto College provides ample preparation to kick-start a career in areas ranging from automotive, aviation, and maritime technologies to cosmetology, massage therapy, child development and culinary arts. Our aim is helping you sustain a rewarding future!


San Jacinto College believes in the creative dreamer. Whether your passion is painting, pottery, mixed media, photography, design or film, our faculty’s goal is to set you up for achievement. With award-winning instructors and state of the art visual studios, we aid your undeniable talent with the tools necessary to turn your dream into a lifelong career.


We help you help others at San Jacinto College. Whether you’re passionate about becoming a radiologist, dental assistant, physical therapist, nurse, or pharmacist, we offer the courses you need to make your dream a reality. From nursing and eye care to physical therapy and surgical technology, we offer hands-on in-field experience for those whose passion is caring for people when they need it most.


As Houston is one of the nation’s leaders of manufacturing jobs and home to a broad industrial base in the energy, aeronautics and technology fields, an education at San Jacinto College means you’ll be receiving vast experience with some of the top experts ultimately opening you to immediate career openings and long-term success.


At San Jacinto College, we believe in the thinker. Our award-winning instructors are intellectuals who will help guide you toward a fulfilling and creative career that both challenges the mind and inspires the heart. With our extensive course selection, we help lay the foundation for a rewarding career as a teacher, journalist, communications specialist and more.


STEM Science, Technology, Engineering and Math, are fast becoming the cornerstones of modern society. At San Jacinto College, you’ll find training for rewarding professions in environmental science, biotechnology, chemistry, computer science and more. Through partnerships with NASA’s Johnson Space Center, the Port of Houston and countless other high-tech organizations, we puts world-class, hands-on experience within reach.



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