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Letter from the Chancellor

“This is a remarkable time to be at San Jacinto College.  We’re producing more career opportunities for our graduates than ever before, through partnerships with global leaders in government, business and healthcare.  We’re aggressively improving our training programs in science, technology, engineering and math to fill national job shortages and get students excited about STEM careers.  And we’re making college more viable with strategies such as our Achieving the Dream initiative. 


I feel privileged that I discovered my path at San Jac 17 years ago.  We’ve expanded a lot  since then, but I love that we continue to attract great faculty and harness their real-world expertise.  Here, we follow the maxim that there’s more than one road to success.  We’ll constantly strive to make San Jac more accessible and market-responsive as we help students nurture their greatest aspirations — whatever their path may be.”

           – Dr. Brenda Hellyer, Chancellor