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Honors Program Contracts

Honors Program Contracts



Students working toward Honors Recognition must obtain permission from the campus Honors Coordinator & Contract Committee in order to undertake the one-course contract option. To graduate with Honors Recognition students are required to take at least 12 hours of honors course/contract work.

To complete the contract, students work in close collaboration with the professor to establish a project or conduct research that goes above and beyond the regular course content. Several times a semester the student and professor should meet to track the progress of the contract, in order to ensure that the student is completing the project to the professor’s satisfaction and at an honors level. Students should be encouraged to present their contract project to the class, at a conference, or to the Honors Council at the end of the semester.

The contract project, and the decision to allow a student to undertake an honors contract, is left to the discretion of the professor. The professor may also impose additional requirements that the student must fulfill in order to complete the contract (for example, the student must earn an “A” in the regular course). Once the contract option has been discussed with the professor, the CONTRACT PROPOSAL FORM must be completed and turned in to the campus Honors Coordinator.  The honors contract committee will then review all the proposals and inform students and professors whether or not their proposals have been approved. 

Additional Sample Honors Contracts Proposals:

Honors Contract Sample 1

Honors Contract Sample 2

Students must be admitted into the Honors Program to undertake an honors contract, which can be verified by the Honors Program. To be admitted to the Honors Program, students must complete an application for admission.