Scholarship Requirements

Music students who have been awarded scholarships must enroll in 12 hours of coursework, maintain a GPA of at least 2.0, manage at least a grade of “C” in each music class, and attend all rehearsals and performances of all ensembles in which they are enrolled.  Students must abide by the specific conditions of their scholarship agreement as well. Other scholarships have varying requirements regarding academic standards; please make sure you are aware of the criteria. Failure to maintain the above conditions of the scholarship will result in loss of the scholarship agreement. The student will be required to refund the scholarship to the SJCC Music Department. Music majors on scholarship must also participate in one ensemble and one private lesson in each student’s field for a minimum of four semesters. The following ensembles may be counted:


Vocal Ensembles:

MUEN 1141.101        College Chorale
MUEN 1143.101        Concert Choir
MUEN 1154.101        Men’s Chorus
MUEN 1154.102        Women’s Chorus

Instrumental Ensembles:

MUEN 1121.101        SJCC String Orchestra
MUEN 1131.105        Enigma: the Contemporary Music Ensemble
MUEN 1122.101        Concert Band
MUEN 1131.102        Brass Choir
MUEN 1131.101        Woodwind Ensemble
MUEN 1131.101        Jazz Combo
MUEN 1125.101        Jazz Band
MUEN 1131.104        Steel Drum Band

Piano majors – recommendation of the piano faculty

Composition majors – recommendation of the composition faculty