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The STEM Council

The STEM Council at San Jacinto College strives to increase awareness of education and career opportunities related to the fields of science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM). The Council sponsors STEM activities throughout the College and the region, as Houston ranks among the top ten cities for STEM careers. The Council works with community members to promote the STEM fields, while forging strong partnerships with universities and industries for further education and workforce training.


It's Summer Camp time!

San Jacinto College has the STEM camp for you!

Take a look at all of the STEM camps San Jacinto College is offering this summer. Visit our summer camp registration page to sign up!

STEMtastic Adventures – NO BOYS Allowed!
This fun-filled experience is for girls only – designed specifically to promote STEM interest.  The walk-on-water experiments, painting with robots, creating duct tape masterpieces, battling LEGO Sumo-bots, building K’nex roller coasters and windsock structures plus lots more exciting adventures are part of the menu!  Because the camp meets for a full day, you supply the lunch and we supply the snacks.

Blast Off!
Students will discover the modern history of rocketry and learn the concepts of basic rocket design and purpose of these vehicles. Students are given the opportunity for a hands-on demonstration by building and launching their own model rocket and conducting a world-famous, NASA Flight Readiness Review on their own vehicle.

Drone Drops
Are you an experienced pilot? Do you want to be? Test your aviator/robotic skills with this new and exciting skills test. Discover how NASA scientists control and command robots from millions of miles away. “Pick-up” your drone – and discover how much fun and learning this course brings!

Teens, Trades and Transportation Camp
To introduce middle and high school youth to STEM careers in a fun and interactive format.  During a week-long camp, a variety of activities structure each day, including tours, lectures, and manufacturing demonstrations.  Additionally, teens will work to construct Go-Karts as part of a competitive manufacturing assignment, where students are divided into teams and given time to collaborate and work on their assignment, just as real STEM workers do, with the assistance of knowledgeable and experienced industry experts from multiple disciplines.

STEM – U – LATE Your Brain
This camp will take STEM to new limits!  Judo-bot wars, paper roller coasters, complex machines made of duct tape and gadgets, LEGO robots and bottle rockets will keep the campers engaged and connected with science, technology, engineering and math during this day-long camp. You supply the lunch and we supply the snacks.

Water-Bots (Beginner)
An introduction into the world of underwater robotics! Learn how much water is in our universe and how NASA is seeking to explore these exciting new worlds. Build your own underwater robot and test it in our pool! From concept to creation - this introductory course is a great way to begin your robotic journey! This camp requires minimal robotic experience.

Bashem Bots using LEGOs®
Have you ever wanted to learn how to make a massive motorized LEGO machine?
Our Play Well Engineering instructors guide students in this advanced Play-Well engineering camp, as they
re-engineer standard LEGO vehicles into mechanized machines that can traverse challenging obstacles,
battle against fellow bots, and take on Play-Well Instructors’ colossal creations.

Jedi Master Engineering using LEGO®
The Force Awakens in this advanced engineering course for young Jedi! Discover key
engineering concepts such as gear trains, worm drives, pneumatics, and eccentric motion. Build LEGO XWings,
AT-AT walkers, Pod Racers, Star Destroyers, Cloud Cities, Settlements, Fortresses, and other
complex machines and structures from a galaxy far, far away.

Space Girls
What does it take for girls to become astronauts or leaders in Aerospace?  Discover the answer to these and many other questions and hear from leaders in the community who were once little girls themselves. An all-encompassing leadership challenge for discovering the many contributions women are making in Aerospace and beyond.  Build new leadership awareness and skills from the leaders in your community making it happen today! Experience leadership challenges - and take the very first step in becoming a Space Girl!

STEM – O – RAMA Camp
Mentos, rubber-band slingshots, K’nex Bridges, makeshift rockets, LEGO soccer robots, balloon races and much much more!!!  This camp is an all-day adventure full of non-stop fun.   You supply the lunch and we supply the snacks.

Drone Drops
Are you an experienced pilot? Do you want to be? Test your aviator/robotic skills with this new and exciting skills test. Discover how NASA scientists control and command robots from millions of miles away. “Pick-up” your drone – and discover how much fun and learning this course brings!

Arduino Network Team
Love Programming? Enjoy teamwork? Why not build a communication relay between Earth and Mars? The Arduino Network Team will design, build and test a simple networking approach between celestial bodies!

San Jacinto College STEM education in the news!

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