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The STEM Council

PECHS in SJC labs

The STEM Council at San Jacinto College strives to increase awareness of education and career opportunities related to the fields of science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM). The Council sponsors STEM activities throughout the College and the region, as Houston ranks among the top ten cities for STEM careers. The Council works with community members to promote the STEM fields, while forging strong partnerships with universities and industries for further education and workforce training.

Our student and NASA-JSC intern recognized for his scientific contributions!

Congratulations to Adriel Arias for his work on a Brain Computer Interface system alongside his NASA mentor during the C2STEM internship. According to a December 2016 Universities Space Research Association report which quoted his mentor, "This intern accomplished something that had never been done before at Johnson Space Center. He taught himself physically based rendering and texturing (computer) programs so that models could be painted with minute details with almost no cost to real-time performance. His work is of such a high quality, it will be shown to the JSC center director Ellen Ochoa as part of the Hybrid Reality Lab software suite.” 


NASA intern






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Mind Trekkers, Space and Earth Days free and open to the public

San Jacinto College is hosting three events this spring that are sure to be out of this world while also down to Earth.

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Apollo 7 pilot and HMNS anthropology curator will debate severity of climate change: San Jacinto College to host climate change debate

Cunningham and Van Tuerenhout featured guest debaters on Feb. 23 at the San Jacinto College South Campus

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Collegewide STEM Expos and outreach activities highlight fall 2016

Fall semester is no ordinary time at San Jacinto College.

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