Steps to Enroll

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So, you’re ready to get started at San Jac. That’s terrific. There are a few steps you need to take in the admissions process, which we’ve outlined for you here. We’ll help you work your way through this short list and in no time you’ll be attending classes and pursuing your ambitions.

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Steps to Enroll

Meningitis Requirement

Please continue to consult with our website for updated meningitis information regarding submission of required documentation.

Requirement:  The Texas Legislature requires that all incoming Texas college students must receive a vaccination or booster against bacterial meningitis.

Who:  The vaccine is required for all new students to San Jacinto College (including dual credit students) beginning in the Spring 2012 term, and for returning San Jacinto College students who have had a break in enrollment for one or more Fall or Spring terms. Transfer students are considered new students. Also, all incoming Continuing and Professional Development students taking "linked" courses are required to receive meningitis vaccinations. A linked CPD course is any course held in conjunction with an academic/credit course.

What:  The student or parent or guardian of the student must provide a certificate signed by a health practitioner or an official immunization record showing the student has received the bacterial meningitis vaccination or booster during the five-year period prior to enrollment, and not less than ten days before the first day of classes. Two ways to receive the meningitis vaccination are either through a private physician's office or clinic, or through a public clinic, such as Harris County Health Department clinics.

Exceptions: Below are listed San Jacinto College students who are not required to submit evidence of receiving the vaccination against bacterial meningitis or evidence of receiving a booster dose --

  • Students who are 22 years of age or older;
  • Students who enrolled during the Fall 2012 term and who maintain continual Fall and Spring term enrollment as long as they remain SJC students (note: the exception does not apply once a SJC student transfers to another college);
  • Students enrolled only in distance learning classes that are 100 percent online. (Must provide Meningitis Compliance Form to Enrollment Services);
  • Students who present affidavits signed by licensed physicians stating that the vaccination would be injurious to the health of the students;
  • Students who present conscientious exemption forms from the Texas Department of State and Health Services stating the students decline the vaccination for reasons of conscience, including religious belief;
  • Students who are enrolled in Continuing and Professional Development courses or corporate training programs that are less than 360 contact hours.

Meningitis Information  |  Menintigis Vaccine Information   |   TCB Information   |   Harris County Health Dept.


Applying to San Jac is really easy. We are providing you with a simple online tool, San Jac Connect, to help you begin the process. Be sure to complete these steps well before your upcoming semester, so you’ll be ready when class registration begins.  Once you have created your San Jac Connect account, you’ll be able to register for upcoming events and apply for admission through the ApplyTexas application.

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We’ll need your latest official transcripts sent directly to us from the appropriate institution, such as your high school or any colleges you attended.

Verify Texas GED completion with the Enrollment Services Office. GED transcripts from out of state must be obtained from the state of origin by the student.

Foreign transcripts must be evaluated by an approved evaluation agency. See Enrollment Services Office for approved list or view the list at Approved Evaluation Services.

To request an evaluation of U.S. college transcripts, please call 281-998-6150 or contact your campus Enrollment Services office for credit to transfer and/or for financial aid purposes. All transcripts must be received and on file by San Jacinto College before the Transcript Evaluation Form may be submitted.

Have your official transcripts mailed for admission to any of our three campuses to the address below.

San Jacinto College

Enrollment Management Center

13735 Beamer Road

Houston, TX 77089

If you attended a Texas college or university, the school may send them to us electronically using FICE code 003609.

If your transcripts aren’t here by registration, our doors are still open to you. You can register under conditional enrollment as long as you’re not on suspension from another college. As soon as your transcripts get here, we’ll take you off conditional status.


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Your success matters to us, and you’ll be more successful at San Jacinto College when you start in the right classes. Before you meet with an advisor and attend new student orientation, it’s important that you take a course placement test in reading, writing and math. This will help your advisor understand your needs and the scores will determine which courses you should be placed in to ensure a successful educational experience. Testing takes place at your campus of choice, and can usually be completed in three to four hours. Just be sure to contact the testing center for times.

Some students are exempt from placement testing. Do you have an associate degree or higher degree? Are you an active-duty military service member or an honorably discharged veteran? Did you take another test such as the SAT, ACT or TAKS and make a qualifying score? Qualifying scores are listed in the catalog. Perhaps you have attended another college or university and have transfer classes that will help us assess your college-readiness. You might not need to test! These are some examples of placement testing exemptions. If you meet any of these requirements or believe you are exempt, please visit Enrollment Services before you take the TSIA.

More Information

Testing Locations:

North Campus

Central Campus

South Campus

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Getting the degree you want on the timeline you want takes careful planning. Our academic advisors are here to help you formulate that plan and keep it on track. That’s why we strongly suggest that you see an advisor before registering for classes – not just the first time, but for every semester. Our advisors are key to your success. They’ll help you choose the right classes and determine which placement tests you should take. No appointments are necessary. Just come in, show a picture ID and an advisor will help you with whatever you need.

Academic Advising

Advising Locations:

North Campus

Central Campus

South Campus

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San Jac is tax-supported, so the cost to attend here is much lower than many other colleges. Yet we still suggest that all students apply for financial aid. There are many types of aid out there, from grants and scholarships to loans and work-study programs. Even if you think you won’t qualify for financial aid, you should apply. You may be surprised at what’s available to you. Plus, we’ve made the application process incredibly easy. All you need to do to get started is fill out the FAFSA form.

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Next up, you’ll need to attend an orientation so you can register for classes. This is one of the most important and most enjoyable steps in the process. You’ll learn all about San Jac, what services and resources are available to you, what life on campus is like, and everything else you need to know to get registered and get to class.

Several orientation sessions are offered on all of our campuses leading up to each semester. It only takes a few hours, it’s packed full of great information and it’s a lot of fun. If you haven’t met with an academic advisor or applied for financial aid yet, you can complete these vital steps at orientation too. We’ll also show you what you need to do to get your parking permit, San Jac email address and student ID card.

If you’d like, you can choose to attend orientation from the comfort of home through our online system. Remember, orientation is required before you can register for classes, so plan to attend soon.

By the way, we also have on-campus orientation sessions for parents, so they can get better acquainted with sanjac. Learn more about orientation -->


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You’re almost there. All you need to do is register, which is incredibly easy thanks to our online registration assistant tool. It’s automatically activated when you click the "Add to Schedule" button on any class listed under Courses & Programs

Register for classes in SOS

Launch Course Search

The registration assistant lets you play around with different class scheduling scenarios, so you can build the ideal school week. You can save your schedule in progress and come back to finish it later. When you're ready to make it official, just click the "Register Now" button, enter your student ID (sometimes referred to as your g#) and you’re practically on your way to class. You can get started now.

Using the Course Finder

Logging in to SOS

Registering for Classes


Payment may be made on the Web by check, credit card, debit card that has a MasterCard or Visa affiliation, or Installment Payment Plan. Payments may also be made in person by cash, check, money order, credit card, debit card or Installment Payment Plan at any campus business office. Payments may not, however, be paid over the phone.  Payments for registration or class changes is due on the published payment deadline each semester or registration may be cancelled.  All registration/financial obligations incurred after the payment deadline for each semester not covered by financial aid, installment payment plan, third party agreement, or scholarship must be paid on day of registration.  Remember – it is the student’s responsibility to ensure payment meets the required obligation in order to avoid late penalties and/or cancellation.

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