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Campus Carry Fact Sheet

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Handgun Carry Fact Sheet

No firearms are allowed on campus.

If you see anyone carrying a firearm on campus, call the San Jacinto College Police Department immediately at ext. 5555 from a campus phone, or (281) 476-9128 from a cell phone.


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What is the Open Carry law that became effective January 1, 2016?

Open carry is not allowed on Texas university or community college campuses. House Bill 910, more commonly known as the Open Carry law, permits licensed handgun owners to lawfully carry their handgun in a visible waist belt or shoulder holster, but they may not openly carry on the premises of a community college or on a public or private driveway, street, sidewalk or walkway, or parking area of a community college.

What is the Campus Carry law that goes into effect August 2016 for Universities?

Senate Bill 11, more commonly known as the Campus Carry law, permits valid licensed handgun owners to lawfully carry their concealed handgun in certain areas on a campus, excluding those areas designated as areas where handguns may not be carried, beginning in August 2016 for universities and August 2017 for community colleges. The Open Carry law and the Campus Carry law are two (2) separate laws.


What is next for San Jacinto College regarding the Campus Carry law?

San Jacinto College understands that our students and employees have differing opinions on both sides of the Campus Carry law. We appreciate the feedback received and encourage you to continue to provide feedback as it relates to the law.

During the Fall 2015 semester, employee information sessions were held on each campus and at the District office to inform employees about the facts of the Campus Carry law. We then asked for input as to what questions should be asked on a survey with regards to which areas of the College should be gun-free and why. Employees and students were then surveyed as to what areas of the College should be recommended as gun-free areas. Based on input, we plan to conduct more stakeholder sessions, while monitoring how the law is implemented at universities throughout Texas. A draft of the recommended gun-free areas will be presented to the San Jacinto College Board of Trustees in early 2017 for adoption, which will then be sent to the Texas legislature for review and approval.



San Jacinto College encourages all employees and students to be informed and knowledgeable about both the Open Carry and Campus Carry laws. Visit our website at for more Frequently Asked Questions, as well as links to download the text for both laws.