1098-T Tuition Statement

1098-Tax Statement


In agreement with the “Global Consent” 1098-T forms will only be accessible online. To receive your form by mail please provide a written request to accounts.receivables@sjcd.edu providing your name and student ID. (Please do not provide your social security number.)


What is the IRS Form 1098-T?

A college or university that received qualified tuition and related expenses on your behalf is required to file Form 1098-T with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). The Taxpayer Relief Act of 1997 states that educational institutions are required to file and furnish a Form 1098-T to students whose payments for qualified billed tuition and related expenses were received. The information being reported to the IRS verifies your enrollment with regard to certain eligibility criteria for the Hope Tax Credit, the Lifetime Learning Tax Credit and the Higher Education Tuition and Fees Deduction. However, the enrollment information by itself does not establish eligibility for either credit or deduction.

Note: Continuing Education tuition and fees are not eligible to report to the IRS on the 1098-T form.


How will I receive my 1098-T form?

  • Tax statements will only be accessible online through your S.O.S. login under the “Students” tab. Select the Student Account Summary, Tax Notification (1098-T), then enter the year.
  • All tax statements will be available on or before January 31.
  • To receive a copy of 1098-T via mail, e-mail accounts.receivables@sjcd.edu with your student ID and name. (Please do not include your SSN.)
  • Please confirm your address by logging into your S.O.S. account under the “Students” tab. Select Student Profile to ensure that we have the updated address on file for reporting purposes.
  • San Jac will be mailing out W-9S forms to all students that do not have a social security number on file. If you received a notice, please fill out the form and return it to the Admissions Office.


What do the amounts located on the form represent?

  • Box 1 Payments received by San Jacinto College during the tax year from any source for qualified tuition and related expenses less any reimbursements or refunds made during the year of payment being received.
  • Box 2 Payments received for qualified tuition and fees.
  • Box 4 Adjustments made for a prior year Form 1098-T. This may reduce any allowable education credit that you claimed for the prior year.
  • Box 5 The total of all scholarships or grants administered and processed by the eligible educational institution. The amount of scholarships or grants for the calendar year reduces the amount of any allowable tuition and fees deduction or the education credit you may claim for the year.
  • Box 6 Adjustments to scholarships or grants for a prior year. This may affect the amount of any allowable tuition and fees deduction or education credit claimed for the prior year.
  • Box 8 is checked if you have been a student for 6 credit hours (half time) or more for one academic period that began during the calendar year.


How does San Jac file?

  • San Jacinto College currently reports in box 1, payments received for qualified tuition and related expenses. San Jac reports all registration that occurred between January 1, 20XX - December 31, 20XX.
  • You may be required to submit receipts as proof of payment. If so, you may submit your Schedule Bill.


Tax Advice

Although San Jacinto College provides the information that appears on your 1098-T form, our staff is not qualified to answer any tax-related questions or give tax advice. You are encouraged to contact your individual tax preparer/advisor or the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

Contact the IRS at: