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The San Jacinto Central Campus Art Gallery is integral to our learning environment and an important contributor to our dynamic campus culture. The gallery believes that art and artists are the impetus for reflection and transformation with a vision to impact our students, faculty, administration, staff and greater community.

We engage our institution and the wider public through exhibitions, artist talks, musical and dramatic performances, workshops and interactive art activities meant to encourage the exploration of the arts in all forms and mediums. 

We are a gallery that celebrates and supports diversity, equity, accessibility and inclusion by consistently seeking out local, regional and national underrepresented and under-valued artists as a testament of our commitment in telling new stories and establishing inclusive narratives that speak to a broader audience. 



From the Gallery Curator




The 2022-23 academic year is one full of promise. With most businesses and institutions back in full swing I can feel the excitement in the hallways and the eagerness of students, staff and administration for a return to normal.

One thing is certain, my dedication to serving the community of Pasadena and my commitment to ensuring the central campus art gallery is an inclusive space that reflects the diversity of our campus. Although the uncertainty of the past several semesters has disrupted our scheduled programming, the gallery is currently open to the public and we are excited to welcome visitors for our upcoming exhibitions. 

The artist Marcel Duchamp had a theory “that a work of art exists only when the spectator has looked at it.”

So, by all means, stop by for a moment or two, engage with students, chat with our amazing gallery assistants and enliven the space with your presence!


Carmen Champion, Gallery Curator

Carmen Champion

Gallery Curator

Fall 2023



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