In dealing with individuals with alcohol and/or drug abuse issues, it is the intent of these Employee Response Procedures to provide appropriate measures for intervention and referrals.

Once an administrator, instructor, or staff member is aware that an individual’s faculties have been impaired by alcohol or drugs, the employee should assess the level of the crisis and respond using the following guidelines.


(These guidelines are suggestions only. Employees are expected to exercise their best judgment in order to ensure their personal safety and the safety of others).


An Emergency Level Response: Describes a student or employee whose behavior is out of control because he/she has drug overdosed or is intoxicated. In this situation you should:

  • Take steps to ensure his/her own safety and the safety of others.
  • Immediately notify the College Police at 5555 from a campus phone or 281-476-9128, clearly stating that you need immediate assistance. Give your name, location, and briefly describe the situation.
  • DO NOT HANG UP until told to do so.


A Secondary Level Response: Describes a student or employee that approaches you confidentially, requesting help because they have a drug or alcohol problem. In this situation, you should:

  • If a student, and they are willing, immediately call or escort the individual to a Counselor in the Center for Student Development or the campus administrator in charge.
  • If an employee, and they are willing, refer them to the Director of Employee Relations.