Building Evacuations

A building evacuation is most commonly initiated by the building’s fire alarm system.  When the building fire alarm sounds:
  • In preparation for a fire emergency, learn the locations of all Exit Doors, Alarm Pull Stations and Fire Extinguishers.  If your area is equipped with fire blankets or other specialized fire suppression equipment, learn how to use them.  
  • For all fires, sound an alarm and call Campus Police immediately at 281-476-9128 or 5555 from a campus phone. Alarm pull stations are located throughout most campus buildings. 
  • Evacuate the building immediately and assist disabled persons on leaving. If time permits, have a staff member check restrooms, vacant classrooms and storage areas to insure fire-evacuationeveryone is out. Time permitting, close doors and windows and request that College maintenance shut off the HVAC system. Be prepared for the elevators being unavailable.
  • When out of the building walk to the nearest Designated Assembly Area or Rally Point.    
  • Do not lock doors as that may keep emergency personnel from getting to the blaze.
  • Knock on doors and shout to alert other occupants on your way out of the building. In case of heavy smoke, stay close to the floor, where the air is less toxic. Feel of closed doors before opening them. If hot, do not open. Take an alternate route or stay where you are.
  • If you become trapped inside a building during a fire, find a room away from the blaze and smoke, preferably with a window available. Close all doors between the blaze and your location to prevent the spread of flames and smoke to your area. Seal off the door with sheets or towels. Hang a sheet, towel or large article of clothing (shirt, Coat, etc.) out of the window to alert of your presence. If there are no windows, stay near the floor, where the air is less toxic. Shout at regular intervals to alert emergency crews of your location. If water is accessible, wet a towel or garment and breathe through it to filter out smoke.
  • Provide information to arriving emergency personnel of any persons who may have remained inside the building or who are injured.
  • If possible and with due regard for personal safety, access and attempt use of a portable fire extinguisher on small, manageable fires. Pull the Safety Pin, aim the Extinguisher at base of the fire and use a sweeping motion while squeezing the handle to extinguish the fire.
  • Report all fires, even if they have been extinguished, to Campus Police for documentation.
  • Never ignore a fire alarm.