Mental and Physical Abuse

Mental and Physical Abuse
If you are a victim or a witness to any physical and/or mental abuse on campus, notify Campus Police at 281-476-9128 or 5555 from a campus phone.
  • Report the incident, including the following:
    • Nature of incident
    • Location of the incident
    • Description of person(s) involved
  • Assist the officers when they arrive by supplying them with all available information and ask others to cooperate.
If a student or employee approaches you confidentially requesting help because they have been abused, you should:
  • If the individual is a student and willing, immediately call or escort the individual to a Counselor in the Educational Planning, Completion and Counseling Office or a Dean’s office.
  • If the individual is an employee, refer them to the Director of Employee Relations

National Domestic Violence Hotline