Please reference Policy IV.4003.D for more information regarding resignations and retirements. Procedure IV.4003.D.a explains the exit process for both full-time and part-time employees.

Full-time Employee Exit Process

A termination EPAF triggers the Exit Workflow that provides these documents to the employee and leader.  Workflow facilitates the flow of documents through the system and contributes to a paperless process. The EPAF/Workflow process should be used instead of printing paper documents.

Click here to access Banner Workflow

These documents are for reference only. 

Employee Exit Packet

Leader Exit Packet


Part-time (Adjunct) Faculty and Part-time Staff Exit Process

Please refer to Procedure IV.4003.D.a for the appropriate timing in submitting the termination EPAF.

Please print this Leader Exit Packet to facilitate the exit process for your part-time faculty or part-time staff.