Who to Call in Human Resources

Jasmine Farina
Executive Assistant


  • General inquiries
  • Applicant travel reimbursement submissions from departments
  • Human Resources purchasing and vendor invoice contact

Sara Aranda
Benefit Coordinator
South Campus

Brittany Heim
Benefit Coordinator
Central Campus

Tracy Willis
Manager, Benefits
District & North Campus







 Contact your campus designated coordinator for these services:

  • Retirement
  • Service awards
  • Benefits counseling
  • ERS, TRS & ORP processing
  • Tax Shelter Annuities (403b/457) processing
  • FMLA

 Also Contact Sara Aranda for:

  • Educational supplement (staff and administrators)
  • Tuition reimbursement

Barbara McLendon
Records Administrator


  • Records retention schedules
  • Employee records
  • Service records

A.J. Elsner
Compensation Analyst


  • Job descriptions
  • Salary calculations
  • Salary survey participation
  • Educational attainment increases (faculty)

Jimmy Quinn
Manager, Compensation


  • Departmental reorganization reviews
  • Salary structure changes
  • Job analysis
  • Maintain College’s market position

Anna Guevara
Coordinator, Position Management

  • Position control
  • Faculty load
  • Employment verifications (Wage verifications – Payroll x6309)

Amanda Johnson
Coordinator, Position Management 


  • Position control
  • Faculty load

Beau Copeland
Coordinator, HRIS


  • EPAF system access
  • Implementation of new HR system features
  • Banner Workflow access and troubleshooting
  • Cornerstone system reporting, support & continuous improvement

Jill Scott
Manager, HRIS 


  • Reporting
  • Implementation of new HR system features
  • Data/business process analysis

Shanna Dement
Director, Compensation & HRIS


  • Functional responsibilities for Compensation and HRIS

Gretchen Rapp
Manager, Employee Relations
District & South Campus


  • Functional responsibilities for Employee Relations & Performance Management

Michelle Walker
Director, Employee Relations & Benefits


  • Functional responsibilities for Employee Relations, Benefits, & Performance Management

Rebecca Guzman
HR Coordinator


  • Full-time job postings and hiring
  • Applicant and hiring leader support
  • Full-time new hire EPAFs

Drake Swinney
Coordinator, HR


  • Part-time faculty postings and hiring 
  • Full-time new hire EPAFs
  • Faculty and Professional Contracts

Tara McCray
Coordinator, HR


  • Full-time EPAFs
  • Part-time staff
  • EPAF support and troubleshooting
  • Applicant and hiring leader support
  • Cornerstone support

Valerie Arevalo

Specialist, Human Resources

  • Part-time student hiring
  • Applicant and hiring leader support
  • Summer Camp hiring

Brandi Rhodes
Manager, Employment


  • Functional responsibilities for Employment
  • Applicant and hiring leader support

Wayne Wauters
Manager, Talent Acquisition


  • Candidate sourcing
  • Assistance with local and national job searches
  • Targeted advertisement through online job boards and publications
  • Affirmative action in Veteran's Employment 
  • Back-up for posting full-time job vacancies
  • Applicant support
  • Hiring process

Natalie Gonzalez
Sr. Administrative Assistant, Organizational & Talent Development


  • General inquiries regarding OTD programs
  • Logistical support for OTD events
  • Customer support for Cornerstone Learning

Gloria Victoria
Coordinator, Organizational & Talent Development

  • Point of contact for ED, LD and OD program participants
  • Cornerstone Facilitator for OTD
  • Learning experience coordinator

Rosalyn Parker
Director, Organizational Development


  • Organizational Wellness
  • Team development
  • Consultant for Process Improvement and Change Management
  • Point of contact for Succession Planning 

Daniel Byars
Manager, Leadership Development


  • Leadership development programs
  • Leadership skill development
  • Team building retreats
  • Leadership coaching

Jennifer Clark
Manager, Employee Development


  • New employee onboarding
  • Team building retreats
  • Employee training & skill development 
  • Coaching for SJCD staff

Jennifer Ramsey
Manager, Learning Technology


  • Functional leadership responsibilities for Cornerstone LMS
  • Technical support for Cornerstone Learning and Connect
  • Point of contact for Cornerstone Facilitators
  • Point of contact for online training

Kam Marvel 
Director, Talent Development


Functional leadership responsibilities for:

  • Leadership Development
  • Team Development
  • Employee (Staff) Development 
  • Enterprise Learning (LMS) Support
Ron Sanchez x6369 Vice President, Organizational and Talent Development

Vickie Del Bello


Vice President, Human Resources

Sandra Ramirez

 x2648 Vice Chancellor, Human Resources, Talent and Organizational Effectiveness