Organizational Development


Organizational Development's mission is to foster a continuous improvement culture that strives for outstanding results and encourages employees' learning and development at every level. Organizational Development offers various opportunities to assist individuals and teams across the College in succeeding personally and professionally.


We offer the following opportunities: 

  • Employee Engagement: Organizational Development works with an external vendor, DecisionWise, to administer an employee engagement survey every two years to gauge the overall engagement of the employees at the College.


  • Individual/Team Assessments: Organizational Development has experience administering various assessments that provide individuals and teams with insights into their culture, work environment, relationships, communication styles, conflict styles, and thinking preferences. We will work with you to discuss your needs and objectives and help you pick the right assessment to achieve your team goals.

Our assessments include:

Clifton Strengths Assessment 

True Colors Assessment 

Emotional Intelligence EQ-i Assessment 


  • Team Building Resources and Retreats: Organizational Development can provide customized team development services and resources to strengthen teams and improve collaboration, performance, and impact at San Jacinto College. We also offer retreats that focus on the needs of your area or department, including:
    • Maximizing Team Strengths
    • Customer Focus
    • Strategic Planning and Goal Setting


Depending on your need, these interactive programs can range from one hour to two days. We will use a variety of assessments and exercises to identify the team's strengths and challenges and provide potential solutions.

  • Knowledge Capture: Organizational Development identifies pivotal roles at the College, and then works with the incumbent transitioning out of their role to capture and transfer institutional knowledge and pertinent job-specific information for the development of the successor moving into that role.



Tricia Taper, Manager, Organizational Development