Enrollment Services



The primary role of the Enrollment Services division is to administer all of the services and programs that are designed to help students enroll at the College, including admissions, registration, orientation, and testing. The goal of the department is to position students in a way that maximizes their chances for academic success.

The department serves the entire College community, including more than 29,000 students, 500 faculty and staff, and thousands more applicants, alumni, vendors and area residents. Then Enrollment Services division works diligently to ensure a smooth and positive experience for everyone involved in learning at San Jacinto College.

Among the Department’s accomplishments are the following:

  • The vast majority of applications at the college are processed within 24-48 hours
  • The Testing Centers administer approximately 20,000 tests annually
  • Orientation and Campus Tours serves more than 8,700 students annually
  • Admissions advisors meet with all students new to San Jac



Use the following key when reading the schedule: “R” Thursday
“T” Tuesday
“MTR” Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday
“MTTH” Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday
“MTWR” Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, & Thursday
“TH” Thursday
“TR” Tuesday and Thursday
“F” Friday
“S” Saturday
“U” Sunday

  • Login to your SOS account
  • Click on My Registration
  • Click on Print Options – Schedule/Fee Bill
  • Click on Print Schedule/Fee Bill
  • Select the Current Term and your schedule will be displayed for printing

This is your generated student identification number. Your Student ID # is found by signing into your SOS account. Your Student ID # also appears on your College ID card, and your schedule bill. This number is used in place of your social security number on many college documents in order to better protect your privacy.

The Admissions office sees students on a walk-in basis for first semester advising. There are no appointments necessary, and students sign in at the Welcome Desk to place themselves in line.

Contact San Jacinto College Technical Support at 281-998-6137.

Go to www.sanjac.edu and click on the Apply Now link.

Visit www.hcad.org in order to see if San Jacinto College District is among the entities to which taxes are paid annually by the property owner.

Meet the Staff

Enrollment Services

Kevin McKisson
Dean of Enrollment Services
Phone: 281-476-1843
Email: kevin.mckisson@sjcd.edu


Holly Morrison
Manager of Admissions, Central
Phone: 281-998-6150 x1646
Email: holly.morrison@sjcd.edu

Jessica Tello (Interim)
Manager of Admissions, North
Phone: 281-459-7120
Email: jessica.tello@sjcd.edu

Zulaika Martinez
Manager of Admissions, South
Phone: 281-998-6150  x4667
Email: zulaika.martinez@sjcd.edu

Orientation & Campus Tours

Elizabeth Garcia
Coordinator, Central
Phone: 281-998-6150 x1049
Email: elizabeth.garcia@sjcd.edu

Monique Williams
Coordinator, North
Phone: 281-998-6150 x7175
Email: monique.williams@sjcd.edu

Denelle Walker-Warner
Coordinator, South
Phone: 281-998-6150 x3904
Email: denelle.walker-warner@sjcd.edu


Carita Webster
Coordinator of Testing, Central
Phone: 281-998-6150  x2025
Email: carita.webster@sjcd.edu

Lorraine Rowe
Coordinator of Testing, North
Phone: 281-998-6150  x7505
Email: lorraine.rowe@sjcd.edu

Jennifer Perkins
Coordinator of Testing, South
Phone: 281-998-6150  x3919
Email: jennifer.perkins@sjcd.edu




From the moment a prospective student applies to San Jacinto College the Enrollment Services division is working behind the scenes to make the College experience a seamless one. The division provides a wide array of district and campus services, including:

  • Manages registration processes
  • Advises new students on enrollment for first semester
  • Verifies residency
  • Receipt and update meningitis forms/status