Ordering Business Cards & Stationery

If you have any questions when placing an order, please contact Mary Hind at mary.hind@sjcd.edu or 281-459-5421.

Marfield Price List - Updated January 2023


Step 1 – Create an account 

Access the e-store here.

Create an account by selecting that option on the right hand side. On subsequent orders you will just need to login. Then click on the Home tab to start your order. Having an account will allow you to see previous orders and save your order. 

NOTE: Do not checkout your order until you have a PO in place.


Step 2 – Create a requisition for a PO

Create a requisition in Banner. Purchasing will email you the PO, and you will need to send it to the vendor at service@marfield.com.

Commodity code – 96850 Printing: Business Cards and Stationery

Account Code for FOAP – 733206

Banner vendor number for Marfield Corporate Stationery G00544644


Please use the text below in the *Document Text* section of your requisitions:

Send PO to [requestor's name]
[Department or name being printed on the item]
SJC Quote #23-015
Deliver to ___________________ [building and office number]

NOTE: There is one business card design. This was changed because we are one college, and one style of card helps unify the message.


Bus card sample