The following steps are for ordering metallic name badges from the College’s vendor, Gulf Coast Trophies. 

Name tags are $5.75 each.

Name Badge Design

Step 1

Order name tags directly through Gulf Coast Trophies. Email with the following information:

San Jacinto College name tag order:

Name (35 character limit)
Department (35 character limit)

PLEASE NOTE that job titles (i.e., professor, director of purchasing, department chair, etc.) are NOT printed on the name badges.

Step 2

Email the credit card authorization form to Gulf Coast Trophies & Awards to use a p-card. Write on the form, "tax exempt". Any tax charges will be the responsibility of the cardholder. Send the form to


Note: On the p-card report, please include the reason the name tag was ordered. 


Step 3

View and approve the email art proof from Gulf Coast Trophies. 

Step 4

The name badge will be delivered to the marketing department at the district office. Name tags will be forwarded to you via inter-campus mail.