Social Media Advertising

Social Media Advertising Guidelines

Paid Social Media Advertising:

If you are interested in advertising via Facebook, please contact Lauren Lowe, digital media coordinator, at or extension 6345. Facebook allows targeted advertising based on a variety of factors such as geographic location, age, gender, education level, and interests.

Facebook advertising allows you to set a daily budget, and adjust this budget at any time. Facebook advertising is based on a cost per click (you are only charged when someone clicks on your ad) or on a cost per impression basis (you are charged when your ad is served shown to someone). Either way, Facebook will stop showing your ad once you reach the daily budget you set; but your ad will begin showing again the next day for the duration of your campaign.

The marketing office can assist you with setting up a Facebook ad campaign, including ad content. Please note that P-cards cannot be used to purchase advertising of this nature.

Unpaid Advertising:

San Jacinto College allows any member of the faculty, staff or student body to post information concerning courses, programs, student clubs or organizations, or upcoming campus events to the College's social media sites. If you would like to have your event broadcast via the College's social media sites, please email The College's social media coordinator is happy to assist with getting the word out about your program or event though our social media channels.

The College does allow students to post information about books they are trying to sell. However, the College is NOT responsible for, nor does it endorse these transactions.

The College prohibits the following on all of the College's social media sites.

  • Commercial product promotions or advertisements by another individual, business or organization.
  • This includes businesses advertising discounts to students. The College has a firm no solicitation policy.
  • Job/Internship Offers: All job offers should be communicated to the Career and Employment Centers on Campus.
  • Personal advertisements such as, but not limited to, offering personal services, or attempts at selling items (other than textbooks).
  • Advertisements by any individual attempting to rent a room, apartment or home.

Advertisements of this nature placed on the College's social media sites will be deleted or removed to the spam queue and reported to the respective social media site as spam. Repetitive posting of spam or advertisements may be cause for banning an individual or organization from posting on the College's social media sites.

If you have any questions concerning these guidelines please contact the digital media coordinator at or extension 6345.