Policy V-D: Policy on Travel

Administrators, Faculty and Staff

All travel requests for administrators, faculty and staff must first be approved by the campus President before being submitted to the Chancellor, or his/her designee, for final approval. Travel requests must be submitted two weeks in advance of the trip, and the district business office must verify that funds are available in the budget. Upon return from the trip, receipts must be turned in to the district business office within five working days.

When personnel use their own vehicles for college-related travel, they will be reimbursed at a rate approved by the Board of Trustees. Reimbursement for local travel must be submitted on a monthly basis with destinations, dates and mileage attached. The use of a purchase order rather than a travel request should be used for local travel.

Approved Student Travel

Travel requests for student-related trips which require either school vehicles or school funds should be submitted a minimum of two weeks in advance of the trip. The signature of the campus Vice President of Student Services and/or the Vice President of Instruction is required for approval of student travel. For approved student-related trips, funds may be requested in advance.

Pursuant to Section 51.949, Texas Education Code, the following regulations shall apply to all student travel in a vehicle leased or owned by the San Jacinto College District or required by a student organization registered at any campus in the San Jacinto College District:

Modes of transportation used for student travel shall include, but not be limited to, cars, vans, and buses. Travel arrangements for student groups shall be made in accordance with administrative guidelines.

A driver who is transporting students in District-owned or leased vehicles must:

  1. Have an approved Driver Information form on file with District's automobile liability insurance underwriter;
  2. Hold a valid driver's license appropriate for the vehicle to be driven;
  3. Have an acceptable driving record.

The driver shall ensure that the number of passengers does not exceed the designed capacity of the vehicle and that seat belts are used to the extent required by law.

A driver shall not drive for more than four (4) consecutive hours without taking a fifteen (15)-minute break or relief from driving.


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Policy Name:

 Policy on Travel



Adopted Date:

 March 2, 1981

Revision/Reviewed Date:

 May 2, 1994; January 7, 2002; and February 5, 2008

Effective Date:

 March 2, 1981; May 2, 1994; January 7, 2002; and February 5, 2008

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